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BlackBerry App World Reviews Becoming Increasingly Diverse



When you look at’s traffic over the years, there’s been a major shift in the readership’s location that has shifted in direct proportion to where the majority of BlackBerry users come from. Back in 2009, traffic was mostly the US, UK and Canada. Now, Indonesia, India and Latin America, represent the lion’s share of traffic. One place you can see this demographic shift is in the BlackBerry World reviews.

When you open BlackBerry World, many of the apps have reviews in several languages. Other app stores, such as Apple’s iTunes, took the stance that reviews should only be in the language that the user understands, and they figured this out by making regional app stores. This means that the Italian App Store contains Italian reviews and the US App Store reviews are in English (for the most part). Either BlackBerry doesn’t believe that reviews should be separated based on language, or there’s a technical decision behind keeping all the reviews in one place.

The downside is that reviews become increasingly unhelpful. When you see an app that has a 3 star review, but the description is in Mandarin, there’s no way to tell why it was given that review. There’s no translation available either. In the end, BlackBerry should probably stop displaying reviews in languages that the user is clearly not going to understand.


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What’s Going On With ScoreLoop at BlackBerry?



Here’s a simple feature suggestion for ScoreLoop: why don’t you just read whether someone is viewing a link from their mobile or desktop, and display the appropriate app store? When you get a ScoreLoop email and you click the link from your desktop, the ScoreLoop page says:

“This operation requires a BlackBerry 10 device
Please open the mail on your BlackBerry 10 device and click the link again.”

It’s a small feature but the fact that something like this goes unaddressed, really makes you wonder about the acquisition of ScoreLoop. We haven’t seen much from the company since the acquisition, at least from a consumer-facing perspective. For example, we have the BlackBerry Game app (the Game Center equivalent), but it does’t seem to do much other than provide a small feed of gaming activity. Also, it doesn’t look like implementing ScoreLoop on BlackBerry is a huge success with developers either, as none of the top games make any mention of integration.

This isn’t meant as a dig to ScoreLoop, they’ve done an amazing job of building and exiting a startup. It’s more of a general commentary on what happens to startups when they get acquired. There’s always huge plans for a startup when it’s integrated with a larger company, but it never really seems to pan out.

Case in point: where’s my Tungle meeting scheduling gone?

Perhaps now is the best time to revisit Tungle and BlackBerry as they have the meeting scheduling technology and the focus seems to be less games and more enterprise.


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ID3IOT for BlackBerry 10 Helps Clean Audio Tags


ID3IOT is a simple and useful tool that helps you clean up your broken audio tags. The app does this by scanning your music library for missing tag information, and then allowing the user to edit and clean up the tags directly from the device. With platform integration, ID3IOT can edit tags from the music player, file manager or any location that an MP3 is being accessed on the device.

Other features include:

  • Edit audio tags including song title, artist name, album name, track number, year, genre and comment.
  • Streamline the process of music library clean up.
  • Displays all the songs on the BlackBerry 10 device that are missing an album name, artist name or cover art.
  • Intelligently fills in missing tag info, predicting the title and artist name so that tag editing is simple and fast.
  • ID3IOT is a free download with a $0.99 upgrade to the Pro version.

Download the free version in BlackBerry World at this link.


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Check Out MockIt App for BlackBerry 10



Social Media continues to move forward daily. Mobile applications for Social Media such as BBM, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter just to name a few are leading the way in how we communicate and socialize with each other.

I am a big advocate of Social Media as I use it for business, work and entertainment. One of the coolest things about the entertainment part of Social Media is the ability to create a Meme from a photo and add a hilarious or conscious caption about the photo and share that with the world.

Other platforms have already developed mobile applications to help make this process much easier but nothing was truly there for the BlackBerry 10 OS until today. With the release of OS 10.2 and the support for Android Runtime there was access to those apps but nothing available natively built for BB10.

MockIt App from  was released from the Beta Zone and now is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices in BlackBerry World. MockIt is a native built mobile application built to assist users in generating meme’s to share with the world.  MockIt has a nice build quality and the user interface is easy to navigate. Upon downloading it and installing the application, I created a Meme in like 30 seconds and shared it via Social Media. 

This is a very useful application for those seeking to add a little flavor to those photos and images.  One feature of MockIt that I really love is the Device Mock option.  This option allows you to add an image to a device mock from a laptop to a current BlackBerry 10 device, awesome stuff!

Listed below are the complete details of MockIt  including a demo video and the link to download MockIt in BlackBerry World.

MockIt! is a native application built and developed exclusively for BlackBerry 10! Use MockIt! to create and share with style. With MockIt! You can craft custom memes from an extensive catalog or mock up your screenshots to create high-res device renders. Have a few images you want to share at once? Use the picture frame section to combine multiple photo sets into a collage that you can seamlessly and easily distribute to your friends, family, or anyone else!

In the Photo Frame section there are 20+ different templates from which to choose. Once you’ve narrowed it down you’ll be brought into the editor where you can access the ever growing collection of stickers. Stickers are a great way to add a personal touch to your photo creations, and MockIt! Makes this easier than ever.

MockIt! Has smooth animations throughout, supports 6 different color scheming options, and a system to keep your most used mocks and memes easily accessible.

Feature run-down:
 • Natively built
 • Meme generator
 • Device Mock creator
 • Photo Frame studio
 • Two free sticker collections
 • 20+ Photo Frame templates
 • Smooth, beautiful, and fast interface Get started making beautiful photo creations today, with MockIt!


Download MockIt for Free!




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How to customize BlackBerry 10 Quick Settings



The next time you need to turn a radio on or off, set your alarm, or use your device as a flashlight, make sure you take advantage of the Quick Settings menu.

This handy menu appears when you swipe down from the top of your home screen. You can customize this menu too—choose what settings appear, as well as their positions —so you can quickly get to the settings that are most important to you. Using BlackBerry 10 version 10.2.1, you can add the following items to the Quick Settings menu:

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Alarm
  • Notifications
  • Airplane Mode
  • Mobile Network
  • NFC
  • Brightness
  • Bedside Mode
  • Device Monitor
  • Location Services
  • Flashlight

To customize your Quick Settings menu, follow these steps. Depending on the number of items you select, you can swipe right or left to see them all!

  1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap BB10-QS-01BB10-QS-01 Settings Quick Settings 
    • To add or remove items, select or clear the check boxes .
    • To change the positions of items, tap BB10-QS-02BB10-QS-02. Touch and hold the item you want to move, and then drag it to a different location.


Bonus tip! Notice the split between the icon and text? Tapping the icon turns the item on or off; tapping the label opens the corresponding Settings screen.

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