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Sonny Vu, CEO of Misfit Wearables, on the future of wearables #WebSummit


Misfit Wearables has had some great success in the wearable tech space. Its first product, Shine, is an activity tracker with fashion appeal. The product, according to CEO Sonny Vu, wasn’t even taken seriously by the company until its massive success on Indiegogo. Before they launched the Indiegogo page, Sonny wasn’t entirely sure why people were buying activity trackers and whether or not it was a passing fad. More than $800,000 later, Shine was crowdfunded and on its way to production. This product also kickstarted the company into the wearable industry, and led it to get a much better understanding of the wearable space and where it’s going. This was the focus of Sonny Vu’s talk at Web Summit 2014.

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BlackBerry 10 Internet Tethering


Did you know that you can share your BlackBerry 10 device’s mobile network connection with another device such as laptop or tablet? All it takes is a USB cable or Bluetooth connection and you’ll be able to access the Internet on your laptop or tablet!

Find out how to do this using the steps below :)

  1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap Settings Network and Connections Internet Tethering
    • If you have not used this feature before, review the onscreen instructions
  3. In the Connect using drop-down list, select USB or Bluetooth 
    • If using USB, connect your device to your computer, or tablet
  4. Turn on the Internet Tethering switch

After completing these steps, and connecting your device to your laptop or tablet using a USB cable or Bluetooth connection, you can monitor connection details on your device so you can see usage details.


Note: Additional charges may apply for Internet Tethering use. Verify your data plan before using this feature.

Help! Internet tethering isn’t working

If you are having trouble with Internet tethering here a couple troubleshooting tips to help you out!

  • Verify that your device is connected to the mobile network, has an upper case signal and is connected to the BlackBerry infrastructure, for example bb10_it_ltebb10_it_lte bb10_it_bbbb10_it_bb bb10_it_wirelessbb10_it_wireless.
  • Verify that your wireless service plan allows Internet tethering.
  • If you are roaming, verify that Data Services while roaming is enabled within the Data Services screen located in Settings Network Connections Mobile Network
  • If the Internet tethering option doesn’t appear and you are using a work device, verify that your organization allows Internet tethering

Got a question about Internet tethering? Leave a comment and let me know!

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BBM Updated…Check Out the Cool New Features



BBM was recently updated and they added some nice cool features that will benefit all BBM users. The message retract feature is one that I am truly enjoying as I have sent messages to the wrong BBM contact before only to find myself apologizing for the mishap. 

I have over 250 BBM contacts between 3 BlackBerry 10 devices, iOS and Windows Phone. Making sure I send the correct message to the right person is key and now with message retraction I can do that.

BBM also now lets you set a time limit on shared photos. So if you want to share a photo with any BBM contact you now have to option to set a time limit on how long you want the photo shared to view. 

Another cool feature is the HD image request. I love to share images via BBM and BBM has made it much easier to request the highest quality HD image from that user. 

BBM continues to add features to the program that makes this messaging app #1 in my book. Check out the promo video below and let us know what you think of the new added features in the latest update to BBM. 



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A Wonderful Day at The Circuit of America’s




Another wonderful job by the Mercedes AMGF1 team this weekend in Austin,Tx. Enjoy the video below.

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Five Tip Friday – BlackBerry 10.3 Personalization Tips


The weekend is almost here, which means it’s time for another Five Tip Friday!

Today’s topic, five tips you can use to personalize BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3 :D

Give your device a nickname

Follow these steps to set a nickname on your BlackBerry 10 device so it’s easy to identify it on a Wi-Fi network or, for example, when you connect to other devices using Bluetooth.

  1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap BB103-SettingsBB103-Settings Settings, and then tap About
  3. Enter the new name for your device in the Device Name field


Set a lock screen message

Something I encourage all of my family and friends to do is set a lock screen message with their name, and alternate contact information. Doing so can help someone contact you in the event you’ve misplaced your device.

  1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap BB103-SettingsBB103-Settings Settings, and then tap Security and Privacy
  3. Tap Lock Screen
  4. In the Lock Screen Message fields, type your desired message


Set a lock screen and home screen wallpaper

New in BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3 is the ability to use two different wallpapers. For example, you can set your lock screen wallpaper to a nice picture of scenery you’ve captured, and set your home screen wallpaper to a personal picture of your family or significant other.

  1. Open a picture
  2. Tap , and then tap Wallpaper
    • Optionally crop, add filters, and more using the Pictures editor
  3. Tap Done
  4. Select Lock Screen, Home Screen, or Both
  5. Tap Ok


Show your wallpaper when all apps are closed

You can optionally set your device to show your wallpaper instead of your app icons when all of your apps (active frames) are closed.

Doing so allows you to have a clear view of your home screen wallpaper so you can always see it, which is a nice touch if you’ve set it to a picture of a loved one.

  1. From the home screen, tap BB103-SettingsBB103-Settings Settings
  2. Tap Display
  3. Turn on Show Wallpaper When All Apps Are Closed

Customize the Quick Settings menu

The Quick Settings menu is a great way to access commonly used options, and best of all you can customize what options appear, and the order they appear in.

To see the Quick Settings menu, while viewing your home screen swipe down from the top of the screen using one finger. You can also access the Quick Settings menu from within any app by swiping down from the top of the screen using two fingers as per the following image.

To view Quick Settings from the home screen
To view Quick Settings from within an app

  1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap BB103-SettingsBB103-Settings Settings followed by Quick Settings
    • To add or remove items, select or clear the check boxes
    • To change the order of items, tap . Touch and drag the item you’d like to move to a new location, and then tap Save


Depending on the number of items you add you can swipe right, or left to see them all!

Got a question or suggestions for an upcoming Five Tip Friday, leave a comment and let me know!

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