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BlackBerry Passport Weekend Special $100 off!



valentine BB

If you have been wanting to purchase a BlackBerry Passport then now is the time. For a limited time BlackBerry has announced that this Valentine’s Day weekend you can buy an unlocked BlackBerry Passport with a discount of $100 off for U.S. residence and $125 off for Canadian residence.

This is a very sweet deal to take advantage of considering the Passport is going for $599 for the standard versions (white black) and $699 for the red variation of the Passport. With this discount you can grab a BlackBerry Passport this weekend for only $499 or the Red Passport for $599.

This great deal expires on February 16th, 2015 so head over to today and grab a Passport!

For US Residence only, get an additional $100 off of the discounted price just follow me on twitter @blackberryhank and tweet me #100Passport




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How to change the virtual keyboard layout using a gesture


Did you know that you can change the layout of the virtual keyboard using a single gesture? Doing so makes it easy to switch between the letters, numbers and symbols layout whenever you are typing. All you need to do is swipe down from the top of virtual keyboard using one finger :D

This gesture makes it really easy for those using an all-touch BlackBerry 10 device such as the BlackBerry Z3, Z10, Z30 or Porsche Design P’9982 to find a specific character you need to enter.


SwipeDownLayoutTo try this out on your device, start composing a new email and, using one finger, swipe down from the top of the virtual keyboard. You’ll notice the virtual keyboard layout has changed from letters to numbers. If you do this gesture again, the virtual keyboard layout changes from numbers to symbols. To switch back to the letters layout, perform the same gesture again!


For those using a BlackBerry Passport, this gesture will allow you to switch the virtual keyboard layout between symbols and numbers using one finger. Just swipe down from the top of physical keyboard using one finger to show the symbols layout and swipe down again to see numbers layout.

Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

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How to set up out of office replies using BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.1


Classic-OOOClassic-OOOThe next time you’re going to be away from the office, use this tip to set up an out of office reply on your BlackBerry 10 device.

A new feature in BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.1 is the ability to set up an out of office reply inside your organization and optionally set up a separate out of office reply for those outside your organization (for those users who have a work account setup using the BlackBerry Enterprise Service).

Here’s how to do it!

Note: Some email accounts might not support out-of-office replies.

  1. In the BlackBerry Hub, tap Classic-3dotClassic-3dot
  2. Tap Classic-GearClassic-Gear Settings followed by Email Accounts.
  3. Tap the desired email account.
  4. Turn on Send Automatic Replies.
  5. Do any of the following:
    • To send out-of-office replies inside your organization, enter a message in the Reply with field.
    • To specify a start time and end time to send out-of-office replies, turn on the Send Automatic Replies Between Specific Dates switch.
    • To send out-of-office replies outside your organization, turn on the Send Automatic Replies Outside of the Organization switch. If you want the message in your external out-of-office replies to be something different from your internal out-of-office replies, enter a message in the Reply with field.
  6. Tap Classic-BackClassic-Back Back when finished to save your changes

Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

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The definitive listing of BlackBerry Classic keyboard shortcuts


Classic-AngleClassic-AngleThe BlackBerry Classic is a productivity powerhouse as is, but, thanks to a variety of keyboards shortcuts, you can be even more productive!

Listed below is an overview of core keyboard shortcuts that will help you get things done even faster!

Note: Some shortcuts might not be available depending on the typing input language that you use.

BlackBerry 10 Shortcuts

The BlackBerry Classic comes with preloaded shortcuts that can be used whenever you are viewing your home screen or the BlackBerry Hub. These shortcuts can be customized as well!

To find out how to do this check out this post on how to create custom keyboard shortcuts using BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.1.

BlackBerry Hub

In a list of messages

In a message

Browser app

Go forward one page
Press N
Go back one page
Press P
Find text on a page
Press S
Open the address bar
Press U
Open your bookmarks
Press K
Open your history
Press H
Open your tabs
Press W
Enter reader mode
Press R
Refresh a webpage
Press L
Zoom in
Press I
Zoom out
Press O
Go to the top of a webpage
Press T
Go to the bottom of a webpage
Press B
Move down the screen
Press Classic-SpacekeyClassic-Spacekey
Move up the screen
Press Classic-LeftShiftKeyClassic-LeftShiftKey and Classic-SpacekeyClassic-Spacekey

Calendar app

Clock app

Using the stopwatch

To start or stop the stopwatch
Press Classic-SpacekeyClassic-Spacekey
To reset the stopwatch and clear lap results
Press Classic-DeletekeyClassic-Deletekey

Using the Timer

To start or stop the timer
Press Classic-SpacekeyClassic-Spacekey

Contacts app


Undo a automatically corrected word
Press Classic-DeletekeyClassic-Deletekey twice
Insert a period (.) in a text field
Press Classic-SpacekeyClassic-Spacekey twice. The next letter is capitalized
Inset an at sign (@) or a period (.) in an email address field
Press Classic-SpacekeyClassic-Spacekey
Capitalize a letter
Press and hold the letter key until he capitalized letter appears
Turn on CAP Lock
Press Classic-AltkeyClassic-Altkey and Classic-RightShiftKeyClassic-RightShiftKey. To turn off CAP lock, press Classic-LeftShiftKeyClassic-LeftShiftKey or Classic-RightShiftKeyClassic-RightShiftKey
Type a symbol
Press Classic-SymbolKeyClassic-SymbolKey. Tap the symbol that appears on the screen
Type the alternate character on a key
Press Classic-AltkeyClassic-Altkey and the character key
Type an accented or special character **
Press and hold the letter key and tap the accented or special character you want
Type a number in a text field
Press Classic-AltkeyClassic-Altkey and press the number key
Type a number in a number field
Press the number key
Turn on NUM lock
Press Classic-AltkeyClassic-Altkey and Classic-LeftShiftKeyClassic-LeftShiftKey . To turn off CAP lock, press  Classic-RightShiftKeyClassic-RightShiftKey or Classic-LeftShiftKeyClassic-LeftShiftKey
Highlight a line of text
Touch and hold the text. Move your finger up or down on the screen
Highlight text character by character
Touch and hold the text. Move your finger left or right on the screen to select each character
Cut highlighted text
Tap the highlighted text. Tap Classic-CutClassic-Cut
Copy highlighted text
Tap the highlighted text. Tap Classic-CopyClassic-Copy

** The list of available accents depends on the active input language. If you set multiple input languages, the accents for the languages that can be predicted together appear for a letter. For example, when English, French, and German are set, because their alphabets are similar, you get accent options for all three languages.

Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

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BlackBerry 10 Typing Tips – Swipe to Delete


Passport-SwipeToDeletePassport-SwipeToDeleteIn today’s world we are always looking for ways to increase our productivity so I’d like to share a must know keyboard tip – swipe to delete.

This useful gesture allows you to delete words by swiping your finger across the keyboard from right to left, or from left to right if you are using a right-to-left language.

For those using a BlackBerry Passport, you can swipe your finger across the physical keyboard.

For those using an all-touch device, such as the BlackBerry Z30, swipe across the virtual keyboard.


Z30-SwipeToDeleteWhat’s really cool about this gesture is you can delete a single word by swiping across the keyboard using one finger, or use two or three fingers to delete more words :)

Make sure you try this gesture because once you start using it I’m confident you’ll incorporate it into your typing routine!

Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!



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