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Getting Started with the BlackBerry Classic


Classic_GS_FeaturedClassic_GS_FeaturedWhether you are new or experienced with BlackBerry 10, here’s a quick guide to get you started with the BlackBerry Classic!

Step 1 – Insert your SIM and media card

The first step you’ll want to take after unboxing your new BlackBerry Classic is inserting your nano SIM card and media card.

When you have your nano SIM and media card (optional) handy, use the tool that is provided in the BlackBerry Classic box to open the SIM card tray.

To do this, push the tip of the tool, or a paperclip, into the hole that is to the left of SIM on the side of your device. Doing so pops the tray out at which point you can pull it all the way out.


After doing this, with the metal contacts of your nano SIM card facing away from you, place the nano SIM into the tray, then push the tray into the slot. Repeat these steps to insert your media card by inserting the tool, or a paperclip, in the hole to the right of SD along the left side of your device.

Tip: If you don’t have the right SIM card please contact your service provider and ask them for help switching to a nano SIM card. Please avoid using a larger SIM card that has been cut to a smaller size as this may cause your device to not recognize the SIM card. Using a modified SIM card may also result in it getting stuck since the modified SIM card may be thicker than the required nano SIM card.

When you have finished inserting your nano SIM and media card the next step is completing the BlackBerry Classic setup wizard.

Step 2 – Complete the set up wizard

If you haven’t already, turn on your BlackBerry Classic by pressing and holding the power button on the top of your device so you can complete the setup process.

This process guides you through connecting to a Wi-Fi network, setting up a new BlackBerry ID, or signing into your existing BlackBerry ID, as well as showing you several fundamental gestures.

Tip: If you don’t have a BlackBerry ID you’ll be able to create one during the setup process and, in the event you don’t remember your BlackBerry ID password, use the Forgot Password option to reset your BlackBerry ID password. Don’t forgot to confirm your BlackBerry ID, which can help you recover your password in case you ever forget it!

When you have finished the setup wizard, the new and improved Setup app will open automatically.


Within this app you’ll be able to complete the following actions that will help you learn more about your new device and customize everything just the way you like

  • Find out what’s different about BlackBerry 10
  • Understand the various gestures used throughout your device
  • Add your email and social networking accounts
  • Transfer data from your previous device (See step 3 to learn more!)
  • Customize your device notifications
  • Setup BBM so you can connect with family and friends
  • Set a device password
  • And more!

When you have finished going through the various options within the Setup App, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to minimize it. You can always access the Setup app in the future by tapping on the Setup icon as well

Step 3 – Transfer data from your previous device

If you are switching from another device, whether it be BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Android or iPhone, there are several different methods you can use to help transfer data to your new device.

For a visual overview, check out the following videos that guide you through this process. The Setup app on your BlackBerry Classic can also help you do this, just open the Setup app, tap Switching Devices and follow the provided steps.

Android device to BlackBerry 10 smartphone

BlackBerry OS smartphone to BlacKBerry 10 smartphone

iOS device to BlackBerry 10 smartphone

If you encounter any issues transferring your data, or would like some guidance, stop by the Device Switch board within the BlackBerry Support Community Forums and ask the community.

If you switch from another device don’t forget to perform a security wipe on your old device to remove your personal information. If your previous device was a BlackBerry device, check out our post on how to perform a security wipe.

If you use a different type of device, review the user documentation to learn how to reset it to factory settings and remove your personal information.

Step 4 – Secure your new device and turn on BlackBerry Protect

If you haven’t already set a device password, I cannot stress enough how important this is. Doing so can help prevent unwanted access if you leave your device unattended and, in the event you misplace your device, no one will be able to view your personal information.

To set a device password, complete the following steps:

  1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap Settings followed by Security and Privacy
  3. Tap Device Password
  4. Set the Device Password switch to On
  5. Enter your desired password twice

After setting a device password make sure you verify that BlackBerry Protect is enabled on your device by going to Settings followed by BlackBerry Protect.

When enabled, BlackBerry Protect can help you locate, lock, or wipe your device where you are, provided your device is connected to the mobile or Wi-Fi network.

To learn more about BlackBerry Protect go to

Step 5 – Where to learn more and find help

The easiest way to learn more about your new BlackBerry Classic is by opening the Help app, which contains a lot of useful information ranging from tips and tricks to how-to overviews. You can also view, download, or save the user guide for your device by visiting

I would also recommend reviewing BlackBerry Classic how-to demo videos that show the various features and functions offered by your device. These demos can be viewed on your device, computer, or tablet.

Several BlackBerry Training courses are also available – make sure you try these out on your computer, or device to learn more about the BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.1.

bb10popquizbb10popquizAnother great way to learn more is by taking the BlackBerry 10 Pop Quiz, which you can find within BlackBerry World. This app offers short quizzes that can help you learn more about your device and it only takes a few minutes to complete each test – it’s the perfect coffee break companion!

To get the BlackBerry 10 Pop Quiz, open BlackBerry World and search for it or click here.

If, after reviewing this content you have a question, register and join the discussions within the BlackBerry Support Community Forums or send a tweet to @BlackBerryHelp.

Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Is There Any Real Use for Tablets Anymore?



On April 30, 2013 then BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins had some serious questions about the future of tablets. “In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg. That statement alone rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, especially those supporters of the Blackberry Playbook and other tablet devices. 

I mention that statement because as the years have gone by, smart phones have continued to get smarter and bigger in size. Some of today’s largest smart phones/phablet’s have even reached the 6″ mark in size which is much to be said about the current direction of smart phones. 

With the current selection of 5-6″ smart phones on the market and the emergence of faster and more powerful processors, a majority of smart phones now pack the punch to directly compete and actually out perform most tablets on the market today. 

I have a total of 3 tablets ( iPad Mini, Nexus 7 the Playbook ) in which I haven’t had a use for any of them in more than 3-4 months. With the recent addition of the BlackBerry Passport to my smart phone family, I have all but abandoned my tablets as there is no real need or want to actually use any of them other than to keep them charged in case I have to demo product software. 

My son uses his Nexus 7 for nothing more than a gaming system and uses his Playbook occasionally as multimedia device. As a 13 yr old, his use case scenarios for tablets is very much different from what I would use a tablet for. I find myself way more productive on my BlackBerry Passport than I can ever be on my iPad Mini or Nexus 7. 

I may be in the minority here, but there is NO way I can see myself investing in another tablet in the near future. Id rather spend the extra money and get me a decent laptop in which I have no limitations as far as productivity and or invest in a new smart phone of my choice. The tablets of today all seem the same, nothing different bringing the same amount of options as the rest; Movies, Games, Facebook, Twitter etc…I can do all that and more on my BlackBerry Passport while truly remaining mobile. 

If mobile computing is really the future are tablets included?  Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

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Five Tip Friday – Holiday Edition


With the holidays fast approaching I wanted to share some tips that help you stay organized and get the most out of your device during this busy time of year!

Whether it’s planning events with family and friends, capturing recipes for holiday baking, or taking family pictures, hopefully one of these tips can help you out over the holidays :D

BBM Groups

BBM Groups are a great way to stay organized over the holidays. You can add events to a group calendar, discuss menu items for a party using group chat, and share pictures with everyone in the group. Without BBM Groups I’d be lost – if you haven’t already tried out this useful feature, make sure you do!

Creating a BBM Group is really easy too. Simply open BBM, select Groups along the bottom and tap the Create Group button in the top right corner of your screen. After setting a group name, picture and description, invite some of your family and friends and start planning your holiday activities!

To learn more about BBM Groups check out this video overview to help you get started!

BlackBerry Remember

Another great app for capturing useful information in one place (on your device) is BlackBerry Remember!

Using this app you can create tasks and notes and organize everything just the way you like. One of my favorite features within BlackBerry Remember is the ability to share content I am viewing on my BlackBerry 10 device with BlackBerry Remember. This is really handy when I am browsing an online store and come across a gift I want to get for someone or a recipe I am going to surprise my family with over the holidays.

You can also share pictures with BlackBerry Remember, which I find really handy if I’m shopping with someone and spot a great gift idea that I can’t get right then and there. To do this, just tap the Share option and select Remember.

BlackBerry Remember also provides integration with your various email accounts and, if you added an Evernote account to your device, you can access your Evernote notebooks in the Remember app and sync your Remember folders to Evernote.

To learn more about BlackBerry Remember check out the Help app on your device

Capture perfect pictures using Time Shift and edit later

If you aren’t familiar with Time Shift, you’re going to love this! This feature allows you to adjust a photo after taking it, meaning the next time you snap a family picture and someone blinked, you can adjust their expression, thus preventing the need to capture more photos!

For those using a BlackBerry 10 device with BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.1, a new feature was added that allows you edit Time Shift pictures later which comes in handy when you are snapping a lot of family photos!

To use Time Shift mode, open the Camera, tap ftf_3dotftf_3dot followed by ftf_timeshiftftf_timeshift. After capturing a picture, you can adjust everyone’s expressions right away by tapping on their face and adjust the slider along the bottom of screen, followed by tapping ftf_checkftf_check.

As mentioned earlier, if you are using BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3, you’ll notice this icon ftf_editlaterftf_editlater in the top corner, which, when tapped, will allow you edit the picture later. To adjust the photo later, open the Pictures app and you’ll notice any Time Shift photos that can be adjusted will display the Time Shift icon on top of them.

To learn more about Time Shift open the Help app on your device and search for Time Shift.

BlackBerry Assistant, the perfect Holiday companion!

Introduced in BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3, BlackBerry Assistant can help you perform a variety of personal and work tasks using natural language. This is really convenient for those that will be spending a lot of time driving to spend time with loved ones over the holidays.

To help keep you focused on the road, BlackBerry Assistant, when paired with a Bluetooth enabled device, will provide more detailed information and instructions so you don’t have to look at your device’s display.

To try out BlackBerry Assistant right now, press the Mute key on the side of your device and, to learn about what you can do, tap ftf_assistantftf_assistant or review the Help app on your device.

Add locations to calendar invitations

If you are planning an event with family and friends you can add the location to your calendar invitation. Doing so will allow anyone who receives the invitation to view the location on their device, with a single touch, using the Maps app. Best of all, you can use the Maps app on your device to search for a location or enter an address manually!

To try this feature out, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Calendar app and tap Add
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To type a location manually, in the Location field, type a location
    • To open the Maps app and choose a location, in the Location field, tap ftf_locationftf_location

Let me know in the comments if you’re using these features or if you have any other tips for staying organized over the holidays!

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BlackBerry Classic, Is It For You?




The launch of the new BlackBerry Classic smart phone is less than 7 days away. The event will be held in New York City, Frankfurt and Singapore on December 17th, 2014.

There are a lot of people who are very interested in what BlackBerry has to offer with the new Classic as it will bring back that most loved trackpad having the look and feel of what was arguably one of the most  popular BlackBerry devices, the Bold 9900.

I had a chance to play with the Classic and I must say that I was very impressed with the overall design and build of the phone. I also instantly fell in love with the keyboard as it brought back some deep-rooted feelings that I had for my old Bold 9930.

The Classic will come with the BlackBerry 10 OS also preloaded with the Amazon Appstore as well. With  a price tag of $449 via ShopBlackBerry ,If you are looking for a phone that will satisfy your app cravings while keeping you 100% productive, then I would suggest this phone as a choice.

Pre order your BlackBerry Classic today and join in on #INeedMyBB at

Here are some features for the BlackBerry Classic;

  • The ‘Menu’, ‘Back’, ‘Send’ and ‘End’ buttons and trackpad will be made an integral part of the device and user interface, enabling fast, precise navigation and a natural workflow within and between apps.
  • The best email service including features like BlackBerry Hub, where you can access all your messages in one place, and enterprise connectivity with BES10.
  • The BlackBerry Classic smart phone will include a generous 3.5” touchscreen, the largest display yet on a QWERTY BlackBerry smart phone, giving you more space for viewing messages, browsing Internet and intranet sites and accessing other apps.
  • The smart phone will be crafted from premium materials and designed for reliability and durability.
  • A large battery to provide superior battery life.

Check out these cool BlackBerry Classic videos below and let us know if you’ll be joining the #Classic movement.


Classic Keyboard Shortcuts 


Classic Navigation Keys 


Classic Browser and Apps




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How to add an iCloud account using BlackBerry 10


For those that use iCloud for email, contacts and/or calendar access here’s a quick overview of how to setup this account on any BlackBerry 10 device. Once you have your iCloud account set up you can send and receive email as well as synchronize your contacts and calendar wirelessly :)

  1. From the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap Settings followed by Accounts
    • If this is the first account you are setting up, tap Email, Calendar and Contacts
    • If you have other accounts set up already, tap Add Account followed by Email, Calendar and Contacts
  3. Enter your account login details and tap Next
    • Optionally change additional settings such as synchronization preferences for your contacts and calendar
  4. Tap Done to complete the process

If you are unable to add your account using the steps above, follow the steps below to integrate your email address, contacts and/or calendar stored in

If you use iCloud synchronization but do not use an email address, or email is not enabled, the calendar and contact synchronization can still be set up on a BlackBerry 10 smartphone. To integrate these services you need to follow the advanced integration steps listed below and ensure you are using the email address associated with your Apple ID.

Note: If either an or email address are being used, integrate as an address (i.e. Instead of using, use Apple has aliased and email addresses so they will still receive emails, but any outgoing email will appear as the domain.

Set up iCloud email using IMAP

  1. From the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap Settings followed by Accounts
  3. Tap Add Account followed by Advanced and select IMAP
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Description – i.e. iCloud
    • Display Name – your name
    • Username – your iCloud username
    • Password – your iCloudApple ID password
    • Email Address – your iCloud email address
    • Password – your iCloudApple ID password
    • Server Address –
    • Port – 993
    • Encryption – SSL
    • SMTP Username – your iCloud email address
    • SMTP Server Address –
    • SMTP Port – 587
    • Sync Interval – select your desired setting
    • Initial Retrieval Amount – select your desired setting
  5. When finished, tap Done

Set up iClouds contacts using CardDav

  1. From the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap Settings followed by Accounts
  3. Tap Add Account followed by Advanced and select CardDav
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Description – i.e. iCloud Contacts
    • Username – your iCloud username
    • Email Address – your iCloud email address
    • Password – your iCloudApple ID password
    • Server Address –
    • Sync Interval – select your desired setting
  5. When finished, tap Done

Set up iCloud calendar using CalDav

  1. From the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap Settings followed by Accounts
  3. Tap Add Account followed by Advanced and select CalDav
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Description – i.e. iCloud Calendar
    • Username – your iCloud username
    • Email Address – your iCloud email address
    • Password – your iCloudApple ID password
    • Server Address –
    • Sync Interval – select your desired setting
  5. When finished, tap Done

Help! I get an error stating my account was already added

If your Apple ID is used for an email address that you have already integrated you may receive a message stating, This account is already added.

If this occurs, create an email account for your Apple ID using the steps provided by Apple located here. Then, use your email address when setting up your account.

Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

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