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Win over $1600 in Bitcoin with the #LoveBitcoin Contest

0 comments is giving away 2.6 Bitcoin (current value $1600+) with its #LoveBitcoin contest. The contest is a partnership between CAVIRTEX and Saucal and it’s really easy to enter.

To enter, record a video telling the world why you love bitcoin and upload it to YouTube or Instagram with the hashtag #lovebitcoin in the title.

Prizes include:

Ultimate Grand Supreme Bitcoin Lover – 50% (2.633151685 BTC)
Grand Supreme Bitcoin Lover – 25% (1.3165758425BTC)
Supreme Bitcoin Lover – 10% (0.526630337 BTC)
Super Bitcoin Lover – 5% (0.2633151685 BTC) (2 available)
5% of the Prize Pool will be going to a Bitcoin Charity

Contest ends Thursday, August 14th at midnight. Head over to for more details.


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Follow The World’s Largest Bitcoin BTM Installation #FutureMoney


The Bicoin BTM (Bitcoin Automated Teller) is a convenient and fast way to turn cash into Bitcoin. Currently, the world’s largest BTM installation is underway in Toronto and the GTA, and you can follow along on Instagram. Search the hashtag #FutureMoney and be sure to check out some of the social accounts involved.

Follow @kylemcinnes on Instagram for pics of the journey.


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SignEasy Document Signing App Updated With Offline Access And More


SignEasy is one of the best productivity apps available on mobile. It makes signing documents a breeze and even though it’s an Android port, the app works great on BlackBerry 10. Recently, the app has had some major updates including:

  • Ability to prefill forms
  • Automatic backup of important documents
  • Ability to sign in using another device in an emergency situation
  • Sign offline even while not connected to the internet

If you’re a BlackBerry 10 user, the company has said “We are going to look at the response that we get from BlackBerry 10 users before we decide to update the app.” So make sure to Tweet at the company and let them know in the comments on their site. Surely they’ll be able to update the Android port on BlackBerry 10 quite easily.

Learn more about the updates at the SignEasy blog.


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Sensassure is a connected diaper for the elderly that could save billions of dollars


Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.12.49 PM

Sensassure is an early stage startup that has a really cool product with big implications. The product is a connected diaper with a sensor that tracks whether incontinent seniors have soiled themselves. Sure, it’s a bit of a gross problem to tackle, but it’s a problem that’s becoming increasingly important as the North American population ages.

Read the full article at


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How to save precious moments using BBM Chat History



Did you know that BBM offers you the ability to save the history of your chats with other BBM contacts?

By default, this feature isn’t turned on, but flip a switch within your BBM settings and you can view previously sent and received BBM messages with all of your BBM contacts.

For example, if you don’t have BBM Chat History enabled, your message is removed from your device when you end a chat. If you enable Save Chat History, when you close and re-open a BBM chat with a contact, a history of your conversation appears—just scroll up to review.

I use this feature so I always have the ability to go back and reference something a contact sent me in the past, or whenever I want to put a smile on my face by reviewing love notes I’ve sent back and forth with my wife. Call me cheesy, I don’t care!

Use the following the steps for your device to turn on BBM Chat History. I’ve also included steps on how you can copy a conversation and share it via email, or copy it to another application on your device so you can always look back on your chats :D

How to turn on BBM Chat History

BBM for BlackBerry 10

  1. Open BBM and swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap BBMHistory-SettingsBB10BBMHistory-SettingsBB10 Settings
  3. Set Save Chat History to On

BBM for Android and iPhone

  1. Open BBM
  2. Tap BBMHistory-ActionBB10BBMHistory-ActionBB10 followed by BBMHistory-SettingsBB10BBMHistory-SettingsBB10 Settings
  3. Set Save Chat History to On

BBM for Windows Phone

  1. Open BBM and tap BBMHistory-SettingsWindowsBBMHistory-SettingsWindows
  2. Tap settings followed by chats
  3. Set Save Chat History to On

Note: BBM for BlackBerry 10, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone can show up to 10,000 message for each contact. 

BlackBerry Messenger for BlackBerry OS

If you use BlackBerry Messenger on a BlackBerry OS device, you can scroll up and view previously sent and received messages in addition to saving your BBM Chat History within your device storage.

  1. Open BlackBerry Messenger
  2. Press BBMHistory-MenuBBOSBBMHistory-MenuBBOS followed by Options
  3. Set Save Chat History to Device

To view the Chat History that was saved to your device memory, connect your BlackBerry OS device to a computer that has BlackBerry Desktop Software installed and navigate to /home/user/im/BlackBerry Messenger//history/

Copy or email your BBM chat history

In addition to BBM Chat history, you also have the option of copying and emailing your chat history. While viewing a conversation, press BBMHistory-ActionBB10BBMHistory-ActionBB10 and select Copy Chat or Email Chat. If you are using BBM for BlackBerry OS, press BBMHistory-MenuBBOSBBMHistory-MenuBBOS followed by Copy Chat or Email Chat and finally, for those using BBM for Windows Phone, tap BBMHistory-SettingsWindowsBBMHistory-SettingsWindows instead followed by tapping copy chat or email chat.

Bonus—BBM Group Chat History options

By default BBM Group Chat History is retained for 1 day but you can optionally extend this to a few days, weeks, or forever.

To do this using BBM for BlackBerry 10, Android or iPhone, open a BBM Group chat , tap BBMHistory-ActionBB10BBMHistory-ActionBB10 followed by Chat History. Within this screen, select the length of time you’d like to keep messages for: 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, or forever.

To do this using BlackBerry Messenger for BlackBerry OS, press BBMHistory-MenuBBOSBBMHistory-MenuBBOS followed by Chat Options.

Got a question, leave a comment and let me know!

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