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Getting Started for BBM for Windows Phone Beta


BBM_FeaturedBBM_FeaturedAre you using a Windows Phone? If so you can download BBM and connect with your friends and family around the world for free.

To help you get started here are a few things you’ll want to know!

Step 1 – Make sure BBM supports your device

In order to install BBM you’ll need to be using Windows Phone 8.0 or later.

To see what version of Windows Phone you are using, complete the following steps.

  1. On Start, swipe left to the Application list
  2. Tap Settings About More Info
  3. Look for the Software field and verify it says Windows Phone 8.0 or later

Step 2 – Download and install BBM for Windows Phone

Using your Windows Phone click here to be taken to the Windows Phone store where you can download BBM.

Step 3 – Sign into BBM using a BlackBerry ID

In order to use BBM, you’ll need a BBID (BlackBerry ID). Simply put, a BBID is an account that serves as your login to BBM on Windows Phone. What’s really convenient is that your BBM contact list and other BBM details are linked to your BBID. With your contact list linked to your BBID, you no longer have to manually backup and restore your BBM contact list when you switch devices.If you don’t have your device on you right now you can still create a BlackBerry ID by visiting

Don’t forget to confirm your email address as well otherwise you will run into trouble if you forget your password and try to reset it. To do this complete the following steps.

  1. Tap BBM-WindowsMenuBBM-WindowsMenu  settings general
  2. Tap your BlackBerry ID and sign in when prompted
  3. Beside the Email Status field, tap Confirm my email
  4. In the BlackBerry ID email that you receive, click the confirm email link and follow the instructions.

In the event you do forget your BlackBerry ID password, check out the following KB articles.

  • KB34776 – Resetting the BlackBerry ID password using the password recovery question for BBM for Windows Phone
  • KB35103 - How to reset the BlackBerry ID account on BBM for Windows Phone if the Password Recovery Answer is unknown

Finally, for those that used BBM on a BlackBerry smartphone in the past, you may be able to restore your contacts provided your BBID was associated with a BlackBerry smartphone running BBM 7.0 or later. If this applies to you, when you log in to BBM using that BBID, you will be prompted to restore your contacts :D

Step 4 – BBM tips!

To make sure you get the most out of BBM here are a few things you’ll want to know.

What is a BBM PIN and how can I find mine?

A PIN is a unique identifier used in BBM that is automatically generated when you log in to BBM for the first time. If you want to invite someone to be a BBM contact, give them your PIN, or ask for theirs. It’s a neat way to connect with people without having to give them personal information like your email address or phone number. You can also add a new contact on BBM by showing them your PIN Barcode (this looks like a QR code), rather than having to type out the PIN number. After your friend scans your PIN Barcode, you’ll be added to each other’s contact lists. Again, no personal information is exchanged, just your unique PINs.

To find your BBM PIN, tap your BBM picture. To view your barcode, tap on your BBM picture followed by tapping BBM-BarCodeBBM-BarCode barcode along the bottom toolbar.

How do I change my BBM name, status or picture?

After signing in to BBM, tap your picture or name along the top banner and do any of the following:

To change your BBM display name andor status:

  1. Tap your display name or picture
  2. Enter your new display name
  3. In the What’s on your mind? field, type a status.
  4. To save your changes, tap BBM-Name-SaveBBM-Name-Save

To change your BBM picture:

  1. Tap on your display name or picture
  2. Tap your current picture and choose one of the following options:
    • Take a photo
    • Albums
    • Sample Pictures
  3. To save your changes, tap BBM-Name-SaveBBM-Name-Save

To change and save a custom status:

  1. Tap on your BBM display name followed by tapping Edit Status Message
  2. Tap BBM-Status-PlusBBM-Status-Plus and type a status that you want to save and use again
  3. To show the busy icon BBM-BusyBBM-Busy beside your name when you select the status, turn on the Show busy icon switch
  4. Tap BBM-Status-SaveBBM-Status-Save
  5. Tap your custom status to use it as your status

To edit or delete a status that you created, repeat step 1 and touch and hold the status

How can I invite my friends to join BBM?

You can add contacts to BBM by scanning a BBM barcode, typing a BBM PIN, or by selecting a contact on your device and sending them an invite via email or text.

  1. On the contacts screen, tap BBM-AddContactBBM-AddContact  add contact  BBM-InviteBBM-Invite invite
  2. Tap one of the following:
    • Invite by Email
    • Invite by SMS
    • Invite by PIN
    • Invite by Barcode Scan
  3. Follow the on screen instructions

To view your BBM contacts or pending invitations, on the contacts screen, tap BBM-AddContactBBM-AddContact and scroll to the sent or received screen.

What do the various icons mean?

During a chat, the BBM-SentBBM-Sent next to a message indicates that your message has been sent. After the message is delivered to your contact’s phone the check mark changes to BBM-DeliveredBBM-Delivered. For example, if you message someone and their device isn’t turned on, your messages will show a check mark until your contact turns on their device again. When your contact reads the message, BBM-ReadBBM-Read appears next to the message.

Some of the other icons you’ll see include:

  • BBM-UnreadBBM-Unread Unread message in a chat
  • BBM-PingBBM-Ping Ping message
  • BBM-FileSentReceivedBBM-FileSentReceived File has been sent or received
  • BBM-BroadcastBBM-Broadcast Unread broadcast message
  • BBM-BusyBBM-Busy A contact has set their status to busy
  • BBM-DraftBBM-Draft Draft message
  • BBM-NotSentBBM-NotSent You message hasn’t been sent yet (Tip: Verify your device is connected to the Internet)

What sounds can I set for BBM?

BBM uses the current sound settings for your device. You can change the volume to adjust how loud the classic BBM tone plays. To customize your notifications tap BBM-WindowsMenuBBM-WindowsMenu  settings notifications.

How do I back up my BBM contacts?

When you sign in to BBM on Windows Phone using a BlackBerry ID, your contacts will be backed up automatically. If you log into a different device using the same BlackBerry ID, you’ll be prompted to restore your contact list.

Can I use BBM on multiple devices at the same time?

BBM supports one device at a time, so avoid installing BBM onto other devices and signing in using the same BBID. If you would like to use BBM on multiple devices, consider creating an additional BlackBerry ID with a separate email address.

Step 5 – Spread the word and get assistance

After getting BBM set up on your device, make sure you check out the invite tools we’ve provided at, or simply share the link and encourage your friends to install BBM :)

In the event you have a question about BBM for Windows Phone, pop by the BlackBerry Support Community Forums or send a tweet to @BlackBerryHelp or @BBM.

To learn more make sure you check out the BBM for Windows Phone user guide as well!

Happy Chatting!

Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

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How to change your BlackBerry ID username using BBM for Android and iPhone



Do you plan on switching email providers in the near future? Perhaps you already have and would like to associate your BlackBerry ID with your new email address.

If so, follow the steps below to update your BlackBerry ID username, aka email address if you are using BBM for Android and iPhone.

  1. Open BBM
  2. Tap FTF-1021-Cal-3dotFTF-1021-Cal-3dot in the bottom right corner
  3. Tap 1021-QS-Settings1021-QS-Settings Settings
  4. Tap on your current BlackBerry ID and if prompted, enter your BlackBerry ID password
  5. Tap Edit Account Information
  6. Within BlackBerry ID Username enter your new email address
  7. Tap Save

After completing these steps make sure you confirm your new email address in case you need to reset your BlackBerry ID password in the future.

To find out how to do this check out our post on How to confirm your BlackBerry ID.

Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

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WWTO July 2014: Bionik Laboratories ARKE Exoskeleton, eSight, SENSIMAT & Lynxio


If you’re in Toronto tomorrow, check out the We Are Wearables event. The theme of tomorrow’s meetup will be the potential of wearable technology to augment our physical capabilities. The companies presenting include Bionik Laboratories (The ARKE Exoskeleton), eSight Eyewear, SENSIMAT, Lynxio and Sensassure.

I wonder if any of these companies will be competing in the 2016 Cybathlon. The Swiss competition will have exoskeleton, powered wheelchair and even brain interface races.

Check out this Meetup link for more details on WWTO tomorrow.


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Premium Belt Clip Case by Saapni for BlackBerry Z30



Today my new Premium Belt Clip Case by Saapni arrived via UPS. This case looks so good on the white BlackBerry Z30, I usually like to rock my phones without a case to show the build quality but this case just seemed like a natural fit. Check out the specs and video below, I also incuded a link to the case as well. Enjoy!

Saapni Premium Blackberry Z30 Holster Combo – Rubberized Ribbed Texture Shell and Holster with Fixed Ratching Belt Clip – Black

  • Complete protective set, includes: belt holster case
  • Rubberized ribbed texture for firm, non-slip grip case.
  • Swiveling belt clip holster for easy access.
  • Compatible with Blackberry Z30
  • Black Combo Belt Clip Holster Cover + Hard Case for Blackberry Z30



Order here at

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How To Fly Business Class for Coach Prices


How to fly Business Class for Coach prices:

1) Buy a bulkhead or emergency aisle seat.
2) Order juice or pop and spike it with duty free liquor.
3) Tip your flight attendant and tell them to keep the mix coming.


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