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iPhone Keeping You Awake at Night? 3 Ways To Cut Out Blue Light


Do you use your iPhone in bed? Many iPhone users play games, read books, or just flip around websites before they nod off for the evening. Unfortunately, such habits can harm sleep quality.

To get its bright and vibrant colors, the iPhone emits a considerable amount of blue light. That’s the same light that tells your body that it is daytime, so wakey wakey. Unsurprisingly, then, there have been studies that link nighttime electronics use to poor sleep. It’s hard to fall into a deep slumber when your body has just received a signal that it is daytime.

The most complete solution is to ditch the pre-bed iPhone habit, but most users won’t do that. We’ve grown accustomed to it, and many people find that it’s a relaxing part of their pre-bed routine. There are ways, though, to cut down on the amount of blue light you’re exposed to with your iPhone. Here are a few ways to do that and hopefully get a better night’s sleep.


1. Turn down the brightness

While you will still be exposed to some level of blue light, you can drastically reduce it by turning down the screen brightness of your iPhone. The process is quite easy. Go to Settings – Brightness Wallpaper. Move the slider all the way to the left and you’ll have a noticeably darker screen. It might seem difficult to see the screen, but your eyes will adjust.

If you’re reading, you can add to the effect by going to Settings – General – Accessibility and turning on the Invert Colors setting. That will make the background black in reading apps such as iBooks and Kindle, which means less blue light emission.

2. Download f.lux (jailbreak required)

If you have jailbroken your iPhone, you can take advantage of f.lux, an app available via Cydia. The app effectively filters out blue light, so you can use your iPhone in bed without fear that it will keep you up all night. The app works in accordance with sunrise and sunset times, so when the sun goes down you won’t be telling your body it’s daytime (at least from your iPhone).

You can check out the Stereopsis website to learn more about f.lux. It is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux (plus your iPad, again if jailbroken).

3. Buy a blue light filter

If you don’t have a jailbroken iPhone and don’t want to jailbreak yours (or can’t), you can still take steps to cut out blue light. The company Low Blue Lights has created blue light filters for the iPad and iPhone. You just stick these on your iPhone or iPad at night, and it cuts out the blue light. You can take it off during the day for normal use.

The Low Blue Lights iPhone filter costs $13. It is, unfortunately, not available yet for the iPhone 5, though they say it should be coming soon. There is also one available for the iPad. They say it’s out of stock, but I ordered one and got it in a few days despite that warning.

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