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Are you playing games on your PlayBook?


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The tablet market has exploded for a number of reasons, but it all draws back to one main point: versatility. Whereas the early tablet PC incarnations were strictly business devices, today’s tablets can do so much more. They can be our business companions, sure, but they can also entertain us in dozens of ways. One way in particular is through video games. The explosion of the tablet market has the potential to alter the current video game landscape — why else do you think GameStop is starting to put a greater emphasis on tablets? To help promote gaming on the PlayBook, RIM has offered a pair of games to every PlayBook user, for free.

RIM has been very good about running free app and game promotions when the time calls for it. When they experienced an outage last year, they responded by offering users more than a dozen premium apps for free. While there was no outage to encourage these free PlayBook games, there is occasion. RIM is trying to expand the user base of its tablet, and a focus on gaming could be the angle they need. And what better way to promote gaming on the PlayBook than by offering free games?

Both Asphalt 6 Adrenaline and Modern Combat 2 are available free of charge for a limited time. Both get good App World ratings, which is a good sign given the number of reviews they’ve survived. Remember, App World ratings aren’t perfect, but even so it’s still difficult to maintain a high rating through so many reviews.

You can get both games for free by visiting the Raise Your Game page in App World. Hopefully RIM gets plenty of users to download these and experience gaming on the PlayBook. Satisfied customers will spread the word, which will do wonders for RIM’s PlayBook propositions. As I opined on Friday, the PlayBook remains one of the best tablets on the market, despite being one year old. RIM definitely stands to sell more units.

Looking for more? RIM has a large games collection throughout App World.

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